Touch DJ Concept

DJing without the extra hardware

This project was created as way to explore the possibilities of a touch based DJ interface and to solve the problem of having to carry around heavy gear to shows. The process was shaped around human centered design and tailored to the music theory, needs and preferences of entry to mid level djs.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was transitioning a tactile interface into a feedback-less touch interface. I wanted to create an interaction where DJs did not have to look down to change the volume or other values – since there is no physical point of reference on a flat screen. To solve this problem I came up with a unique twist on the common slider. When you tap on the slider, the draggable part starts from wherever your finger first presses down – that way you can always drag up to turn up or drag down to turn down. The point of reference is always from where you first pressed so you don’t have to worry about hitting the exact spot.

Another interesting idea that came from my research was song suggestions. DJ’s use something called harmonic mixing, similar to the circle of fifths, to find songs that are similar and mix well with each other. I decided that this process could be automated, and chose to include a “suggested songs” in the bottom right, that gives a list of options that could be played next based on the currently playing song.

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