A personal DJ in your pocket

Meno, meaning less in Italian musical terminology, is an on the go solution for generating continuous playlists for DJing or personal listening. The app is designed for people with all ranges of musical knowledge. All of the thinking is done for you since the playlists are created around harmonic mixing and the circle of fifths to make sure each song blends seamlessly into the next. The user only has to input their music tastes, bpm/tempo, and length of the set – all things people without musical knowledge can easily figure out without previous knowledge.

Once a preset setlist is chosen or created – the songs are pulled from Soundcloud to create the playlist which can be rearranged, removed, added to, and be ready to play instantly. The interface was also designed around this use case, as I went with a dark visual style to avoid being overpoweringly bright in a dark club or party.

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