My name is Jake Blakeley and I am a designer
& developer who thrives
on multi-disciplinary,
creative exploration, and making the world
a better
place by creating captivating products.

About Me

My name is Jake Blakeley & I am a designer who specializes in making people and computers get along.

With every project I begin with an open, curious and empathetic mind in an attempt to understand the problem from every perspective. To further understand these design needs, and to ultimately find a fitting solution, I like to do a lot of learning by iteration and prototyping. This also allows me to validate and gather valuable feedback throughout the process, rather than just near the end, and also allows me to offer an intelligent rationale behind every decision.

Outside of my work, I try to expand my views through new experiences while taking every opportunity to learn from them. I do this because I think that the best designers don’t understand just design alone, but understand the world and people in it; the thing that we are ultimately designing for.





Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford has been an inspiration to me even before I knew what design was, back when I wore shirts with metal bands like it was a religion. His style is quite unique, easily distinguished, and the depth and visual intricacy he can create with a small amount of colours is amazing.

Allison House

House is quite the prolific designer. She seamlessly blends art and technology through visual design, 3d, motion, and programming, but more importantly she has the design thinking chops to back it all up. Oh, and she’s also a badass that will call people on their shenanigans when it comes to diversity and inclusiveness within the community.

Andy Gilmore

I had the pleasure to see Andy Gilmore give a presentation and I can safely say he is easily one of the most timid and modest people I have ever seen, even with large clients such as Wired, Nike and New York Times. His work is an intersection between art and math – combining psychedelic colors, geometric patterns, and hypnotizing line work.

Justin Mezzell

When I create illustrations for my projects, I take a lot of inspiration and lessons from Justin Mezzell’s work. Everything from his use of simple colors, balanced composition and his use of a geometric base, are things I am influenced by when I create my own illustrations.

The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things

This book ruined my life. I can’t look at an everyday object or interface without thinking about usability and affordance. Even with objects as simple as toilet paper dispensers, I’m now constantly thinking about how they can improve.

Old Man's War Cover Art

Old Man’s War

This is easily my favourite Sci-Fi series I have read thus far. Scalzi brilliantly ties in the morality of possible future technologies into the storyline and covers such fringe subjects as extreme human modification and genetic alteration, brain to brain communication, and the possibility of interstellar travel between alien worlds.

Her movie


In a cinematic industry obsessed with over the top “Minority Report” style interfaces, Her took a large departure by creating an interface that is so seamlessly integrated into everyday life, that it feels like an extension of ourselves.

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