Hi, I'm Jake Blakeley

product designer & prototyper

Based in Seattle

AR Glasses

Project Naraze, Meta’s
unreleased AR Glasses

*Rayban Stories shown for NDA reasons


Figma plugin to speed
up spatial design

3D Photos

Adding depth to
Facebook's News Feed

Shaders Game-Ready Assets Materials Rendering Modeling Sculpting Animation Compositing

3D Art &

Product Design

Programming &

Years of Experience

Game Dev

Web Dev
Unity + C#
Video Stuff
Design Things

Hey There!

My name is Jake Blakeley, a Canadian, living in the Seattle area. I’ve been building digital products for over a decade and currently prototyping & designing at Meta, helping to pioneer the latest wave of AR.

During my free time you can find me training my dog for sports, and spending time on a mountain somewhere.

Thanks for stopping by!